This show starts in:








Downsview Park


June 25, 2017

This show starts in...








Downsview Park


June 25, 2017

Date & Time

Sunday, June 25, 2017

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


$5 Children and Seniors – $10 Adults

Children under 5 years are FREE

Tickets available at the gate and online


Venue & Address

Downsview Park

40 Carl Hall Road, Toronto

Canada's longest running reptile show....

We've designed our shows to not only offer great value to vendors and attendees alike, but we've worked hard to create an amazing family oriented event. Looking for something new to do with the kids? Come out to one of our Canadian Pet Shows!

Don't miss the presentation and live reptile display of native reptiles from Scales Nature park. On site the Scales crew will be presenting their collection of live native reptiles. Many of these we all live with daily and don't even realize in our own backyards. Its great to get familiar with our own native beauties befor the summer months.

The Reptile Expos have been promoting responsible reptile ownership for over 20 years in Canada. With vendors offering not only their captive bred reptiles, amphibians, arachnids they offer a support network for those that wish to share the privelage of sharing their daily lives with these magnificent creatures.


 A & A Dragons

Axolotl Canada

Bite Stuff

Bitten By The Apple

Chocolate Moonshine

Dino Reptiles

Gecko Hill

Petros Geckos

Integrated Exotics

Major League Chewies

Little Res Q

Jurassic Pet Products

Major League Chewies

Monarch Reptiles

Exotique Jewelery

Morph Endorphins

My Canadian Herps

Pangea Reptile Foods

Ontario Iguanas

Scales Nature Park

The Urban Reptile

Animal Crazy Exotics

Operation Python

Gateway Cresties

Tandem Geckos




Port Credit Pets

Prehistoric Pet Evolution


Rare Exotic Pets

Recorp Inc

Reptile Express

Reptiles R Us 

Tarantula Canada

Omega Pythons

The Shed and Fly

Star Aquarium

 London Reptiles

T.Dot Exotics

Tails and Scales Boutique

Tangled In Webs

Global Exotic Pets

The Green Oasis

Alpha Match 

Rodent HQ

Understory Enterprises Inc.

Mutation Creation

Vivarium Reptiles & Exotics

Thierrys Rat Racks

Tracys Pet Union



More to come...