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EY Centre, 4899 Uplands Drive
Ottawa ON K1V 2N6

Event Hours

Saturday, October 14th 10am – 6pm
Sunday, October 15th 10am – 4pm


Parking is available on site.

The Reptile Expo Experience

The world of reptilian specialty pet is a fascinating adventure that requires a lifetime commitment. No specialty pet should be considered a gift or a novelty. The Reptile Expos are hosted and supported by Canadian vendors that are working to provide domestically bred individuals of species that otherwise could be in many circumstances endangered or eliminated from their existence due to such events as habitat loss from the ever-growing human population.

The Reptile Expo is an opportunity to view first hand some of the greatest species of reptilian specialty pets from across Canada. Its an opportunity to be educated by some the leading curators of these fascinating animals, learn about the advocacy groups and engage with others that share the passion

All attendees are encouraged to research and understand the level of knowledge necessary to share their lives with the species of reptilian specialty pet of consideration. Always keep in mind the opportunity to share the experience of herpetoculture is a privilege. Welcome to the world of herpetoculture!

The Plant Expo Experience

Horticulture is the science, technology, business, and the art behind cultivating ornamental and consumable plants. Our events are hosted as a platform to support Canadian businesses pushing the boundaries of the botanical hobbies, and to connect new audiences to this incredible community. The Plant Expo is an exciting opportunity to learn how you can make keeping plants in your space simple and rewarding, and to check out some unique and rare species of plants from all over the world. As businesses that deal in living things, we maintain a strong focus on sustainability, and the minimization of negative impacts of commercial trade on the environment. All the live plants available at our shows are grown in Canada and not collected from the wild.

With vendors specializing in terrariums, aquariums, hydroponics, greenhouses, home grown food, traditional potted houseplants and so much more, attendees are guaranteed to see something new at every show and to leave with an elevated, memorable experience of the world of houseplants. Get inspired to bring some greenery into your home! Welcome to The Art of Horticulture presented by the Plant Expo!

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Adam Wickens

Fadi Naddeh

Charles – The Critter Box

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